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TEDEM Civil Engineering Ltd. is one the largest and most prestigious Israeli consulting firms in the fields of road, rail and traffic engineering, as well as in a variety of disciplines associated with infrastructure development planning and design. A private firm, founded in 1975, TEDEM has established itself as one of the leading participants in the design and management of major projects on a national scale, thus playing a major role in the process of the country's development. TEDEM offers and provides services at the highest professional level in various fields of activity, encompassing conceptual/ preliminary/detailed design of roads, highways and expressways, metropolitan and urban arterials, railroads, public transport projects and facilities, residential quarters, industrial zones and compounds, high-tech industrial parks, parking facilities, airports and airfields, naval ports and installations, etc.
TEDEM's professional record refers both to the planning and design of the introduction of new facilities as well as the rehabilitation and upgrading of existing ones. All services are tailored to the client's specific needs, starting from conceptual through preliminary up to detailed design, including: tender documents, bills of quantities, cost estimates and top oversight.
TEDEM's further services include: feasibility and economic profitability studies, general planning, master plans, environmental impacts studies, private sector participation and on site (resident) supervision.

Throughout its many years of activity, TEDEM has rendered its services to numerous clients ranging from governmental ministries and institutions to regional, municipal, public and private bodies, entrepreneurs and entities.


TEDEM carries out its work with special emphasis on quality assurance. Since 1998, the company has been continuously audited and certified, both by the Standards Institutution of Israel (SII) and by IQNET, for compliance with the ISO 9001:2000.

TEDEM is ranked by DUN'S 100 ~ 2006 [DUN & BRADSTREET ( Israel )] as the largest firm in the Engineering Design Engineering Offices Sector.

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