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Personnel and Design Tools

TEDEM's permanent staff includes more than 70 employees; out of them more than 60 are engineers, practical engineers, planners, technicians, draftspersons, men and other professional specializing in a wide variety of disciplines and skills. On top of that, the firm maintains a roster of highly qualified specialists associated with all fields related to infrastructure physical developments, such as: geologists, geotechnical engineers, urban planners, economists, geographers, structural engineers, hydrologists, etc.

TEDEM Senior Executive Personnel:

  • Moshe TORRES, M.Sc. Civil Eng.

Founder and Managing Director of the firm, Eng. M. Torres is considered as one of the leading Israeli experts in the fields of roads, traffic, railroads and infrastructure planning design and development, with over 30 years of experience. Eng. Torres has been leading the design and coordination of some of the largest scale infrastructure development projects ever initiated in Israel.


  • Regev TORRES, B.Sc. Civil Eng.

Deputy Managing Director and Head of the Planning Department for Military and Special Projects, with close to 15 years of experience in complex military and civil projects. Apart from acting as the firm's Deputy Managing Director and head of one of the company's Planning Departments, Eng. Torres is the company's Quality Assurance Manager.


  • Hava SCHEK, B.Sc. Civil Eng.

Head of the Planning Department for Metropolitan Projects and Railways, with 28 years of experience in complex roads, traffic, railroads, urban development and industrial compounds projects. Eng. Schek is a renowned expert in hydraulics and drainage related issues.


  • Jacob SATAT, B.Sc. Civil Eng.

Acting as Head of the Planning Department for Highways and Expressways, Eng. Satat is an experienced engineer with nearly 30 years of experience and expertise in the design of complex highways and expressways, traffic, urban development and industrial compounds projects.


  • David KATZ, M.Sc. Civil Eng.

A specialist in charge of currently TEDEM's flagship project, dealing with the electrification of the entire Israel Railways network, Eng. Katz is an experienced and highly qualified engineer in numerous topics of complex multidisciplinary civil engineering projects.

TEDEM's Design Tools
TEDEM uses state-of-the-art design tools, such as specific types of software for: mapping of earthworks, geotechnical analysis, geometric planning and design of roads and railways, preparation of bills of quantities and costs estimates, GIS oriented packages, CAD systems, general development tools, etc. All these tools are implemented in TEDEM's premises, using the latest versions of software and supported by the latest technology.
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