Highways and Expressways

Cross Israel NESHARIM Interchange
Detailed design of the NESHARIM interchange on the central section of the Cross-Israel (Route 6) Highway.
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Cross Israel EIN TUT - ISHAY Section
Preliminary design of the EIN TUT ISHAY section in the northern part of the Cross-Israel (Route 6) Highway
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Route 90 ALUMOT PORIYA Section
Preliminary design of upgrading the ALUMOT PORIYA (Route 90) highway
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Route 85 HANANYA AMUD Section
Preliminary design of the HANANYA AMUD (Route 85) highway
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Route 411 BRENER HULDA Section
Detailed design of the upgrade of the BRENER HULDA section on Route 411
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GAZA WEST BANK Transport Link
Transportation Feasibility Study For Linking the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
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